Hail, Midgardian. I am Sunhilde, Goddess and battle maiden of the Sun. Thou hath no reason to fear me, unless my wrath is tempted.


Sunhilde is an Asgardian goddess and battle maiden. She is revered in the Golden Halls of Asgard for her beauty and accomplishments. She is a known for her battle strategy and calm demeanor. Though, she has the wrath of a thousand suns when tested. Being the goddess that watches over the sun and mortals from afar, she has learned patience and to envy loving the way mortals do. Having lost her husband and two daughters many centuries ago at the hands of murderous men, her heart has been filled with an irreversible sadness. However, she does not let such things show. Unless you are one of her Asgardian brethren, she will not be quick to share such things with you.


  • Possesses the superhuman attributes of any Asgardian goddess.
  • Ability to rapidly heal others and herself.
  • Able to radiate light and heat at will. Much like a small sun.
  • Able to see the future and predict outcomes with a certain amount of accuracy.
  • Shapeshift into forms of animals or people.
  • Ability to cause plagues, cast curses and bestow powers to mortals.
  • Master harp player and archer.
  • And skilled baker, no matter what Are or anyone else says.

Physical Attributes

  • Height - 5’9
  • Weight - 463lbs